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23 February 2006 @ 12:56 am
This used to be a journal where I'd post my daily antics, but it quickly turned into a silly space for opinion and/or ridicule. I suppose that could count as being part of my daily antics, but honestly, I've been back-and-forthing it.

I delete this journal for awhile each time I feel myself slipping into sadness, and it actually helps me get on with what I need to do. It also filters out those I feel just want another name to add on their list. This isn't the "real" me, after all. This is the Internet.

I need to focus on the important things more often, and keep stuff like this simple. I don't pay much attention to this friend list, but if you want my attention you'll have to find me elsewhere. However, if you're pretty much offended right now, there's a place you can go too. To hel--

Ah, see. That's not my style anymore. I have to move out of state in a few months and I haven't got time for the unconventional rants an' raves much. So, aside from storing my (current) collection of 200+ pictures and many treasured memories from last year, this journal is going to be - for lack of better phrase - dead to me*.


Sure. I'll announce my whereabouts publically. The only person that has full access to my journal(s) now besides myself is someone I trust with my life. The real one, not the Internet one, mind you. But if it means anything, you can have that part of me.

*speaking of which, this is my 420th entry. Last night Stephen Colbert had a bong masquerading as an athlete on his show. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
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16 February 2006 @ 03:43 pm
Because I haven't lately:

Fluff posts with my face in it every now and again are essential. It reminds you of who's writing in these internet things.

Cheers. I'm off to whore myself out to corporate America some more.
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16 February 2006 @ 01:21 pm
The neat thing about moving every so often is that I usually have to start my music (mp3) collection from scratch. Think of it as building a sandcastle that gets constantly wiped out with every wave that rolls in... except packing sand up each time is actually fun.

I guess the influence of others does creep into my iTunes every so often. Lately it's been indie, techno and 80s rock filling up the slots. I did find a track or two randomly playing that made me stop and say to myself, "okay. What the hell is this?"

A prime example being the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait Remix". Something amusingly vile crept into my head and got into my internet. I believe this is Chandler's fault. It's even more hilarious to me when people have certain collections that make them say to their friends, "this is dirty stuff." The music, of course, keeps playing. And it makes one curious.


One bloke that I do want to talk about eventually is Matisyahu. Hard to believe this is a one-man show! I heard of him through word of mouth, really - though I don't remember which at the moment. His 2004 album Shake Off The Dust... Arise is calm, consistent and has a steady beat throughout.

You see, I will admit to downloading songs off p2p programmes such as LimeWire (now that I don't work at a place that restricts certain illegal recommendations; ZOMG DON'T STEAL MUSIC). My method is to download an artist, and if I like at least three songs from an album, I purchase it. My collection of Matisyahu unfortunately exceeds that number at the moment, although I haven't found anything I disliked thus far.

If you've got an artist/band you think is really groovy, tell me about it. Music is my mistress right now to get me through these really rough spots in life, and if you're putting names out there, you're helping my insatiable musical appetite AND the artist(s). Do so while I am figuring out something smart to wear for this interview - but not so smart that it'd get me beat up afterschool.
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15 February 2006 @ 04:11 pm
You know it's a bad day of lecture when all you can focus on is the yellowness of your professor's socks.

Last session they were red. Oh, the colours of the rainbow before me.


Yes, I did my homework. Why do you ask?
I will admit, however, that I allowed myself to blank out quite a few times - especially when he started out today with "Writing an essay is a lot like sex."
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11 February 2006 @ 02:32 am
Oops! - Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On


The eavesdropping tables were turned on President Bush on Friday. The president apparently believed he was speaking privately when he talked about listening in without a warrant on domestic communications with suspected al-Qaida terrorists overseas. But reporters were the ones doing the listening in this time.

The incident happened at a House Republican retreat. After six minutes of public remarks by the president, reporters were ushered out. "I support the free press, let's just get them out of the room," Bush said, intending to speak behind closed doors with fellow Republicans and take lawmakers' questions.

I see. Of course! the 'free' in 'free press' means 'free to roam about anywhere out of earshot' of his royal Shrubness. Gotcha.

When reporters left, Bush spoke about the National Security Agency program that he authorized four years ago and which has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.

However, the microphones stayed on for a few minutes. That allowed journalists back at the White House to eavesdrop on Bush's defense of the eavesdropping. His private statements were basically no different from what he's said in public.

Bush sadly currently represents the United States of America and wants to go ahead and drop the taps on suspects. I'm feeling a "he can do it, why can't we?" coming on. I'm sure the reporters were just following our leader's fine example of listening in on suspicious people. And papers? we don't need no stinkin' papers.

Come on. I ALWAYS want to know when my ex-girlfriend's talkin' mad shit about me. So when I listen in on her phone conversations, look up private files on her computer and search through all her snail mail, I make sure to do it in the most executive ways possible. Instant gratification is above the law. Duh.
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